Moving Truck Hire, Always Ready to Haul Across New Zealand

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Reddy Tranz Limited has a well-stocked fleet of rental trucks. For more than 20 years, we have been providing our customers with tailored solutions for all their road cartage needs.

As well as cartage, the professional mechanics at our South Auckland workshop offer the full suite of services to maintain and repair your own vehicles, including pre-CoF check-ups.

Cartage Service

Workshop Service

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Our Point of Difference

We are your friendly local operator, a small business based in South Auckland. From humble beginnings as an owner-operator in 1994, we were established as a registered company in 2011.

What that boils down to is that our overheads are far less than others in the industry. Talk with the Reddy Tranz team about our competitive prices to see for yourself.

Why pay more with a bigger competitor when we offer better value for your hard-earned money?

Small Size, Big Heart,
Great Service

Just because we’re a smaller operator doesn’t mean any compromise on quality.

We stock vehicles ranging from very small to very large transport solutions, including vehicles other than trucks, so we can tailor our solution to whatever your requirements may be.

We service businesses in all corners of New Zealand, of all sizes, and have been doing so for more than 20 years. Our reputation is second to none, and our increasing client portfolio is a testament to that.

Services in Moving Truck Hire

We have a substantial fleet available for moving truck hire, with expert staff to assist you at every step of the process.

We are proud to be currently servicing well-known customers such as TIL Freight, Courier Post, Mainstream, Visa Global and Horners.

Our truck hire fleet includes 4 wheelers, 6 wheelers, 8 wheelers, and trucks for those with heavy cartage. Alternative vehicles include B trains, tractor units, and even minivans.

Services in Truck Repair

In addition to cartage solutions, we operate a fully-fledged workshop for heavy-duty vehicles and freight transport.

Our team are qualified heavy diesel mechanics with 10 years of experience.

We offer the full suite of services, including a pre-CoF check and automatic truck CoF reminders.

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From moving truck hire to truck repairs, call the team at Reddy Tranz at (09) 259 4441

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